Parfum D'Empire Upcoming Perfumes (2009) {Fragrance News - Teaser}

3-fleurs-de-lis.gifIn the next few months perfume lovers will be able to read two new chapters in the history of conquest written by Marc-Antoine Corticchiato for Parfum D'Empire. The brand, as is well-known by now, is dedicated to writing the "...olfactory history of past civilizations," using modern, creative compositions...

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While other brands may be more interested in an archaeological-reconstitution-cum-recreation of ancient fragrances, in this case the Parfum D'Empire compositions do not attempt, so far, to be exact replica of the past.
To begin with, there is a composition called Trois Fleurs (Three Flowers) which is described as a "flamboyant floral". Available exclusively at Le Bon Marché from May 2009.

The second new perfume's name is as of yet undisclosed but is already hinted at as illustrating a "sacred woods" theme.

Stay tuned for more news.

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