Pepper & Tanky Peaches n' Cream, Vanilla Woof, Big Dawg, Puppy Love (2009) {New Perfumes}

Here's a new fun line of perfumes to scent your dog. The brand Pepper and Tanky offers a collection of four perfumes for your furry friend bottled in fun girly packaging. There is even a chypre perfume for discerning canines...

The scents are called Vanilla N' Peaches, An opulent floral and fruity combination that will win the hearts of your sassy dog, Vanilla Woof, A splendid chypre floral fragrance, with fruity hints and sweet vanilla that any doggie will desire, Big Dawg An aromatic medley of Bergamot and Neroli, with a touch, of lavender and musk that creates this ideal scent for the sophisticated modern dog, Puppy Love, A light refreshing blend of bergamot, amber, and jasmine are perfectly balanced to make your pooch smell fresh and cuddly..

If you're in the market for dog scents, check out also Pawfum by Juicy Couture or Petite Amande by Mungo and Maud.

Each perfume is priced at $44.

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