Scented Quote of the Day, from Lev Glazman:

urss_soviet_poster_red-moscow.jpg"Glazman said living at the age of six in Russia, there were only two fragrances on the market and both were called Red Moscow. In a country where "everybody smelled the same," Glazman recalled one particular morning, when he and his mother rode in a cab in their pajamas for a half hour to buy French fragrance (which cost about one month's salary) on the black market. "There was this magic moment where her rollers fell off, the pajamas disappeared and we're standing there. I was a prince, she was a queen." Glazman said of his mother. Glazman admitted the power of scent drew him into the industry. "It starts with dreaming; it is a journey," said Glazman. "To deliver the true experience from beginning to end, it always comes from that place of passion. There has to be a reason and an emotional connection to the product."

Lev Glazman is co-founder and director of R & D for Fresh.
Quoted and written by Belisa Silva at WWD; poster via

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