Angelina Jolie to be Face of New Armani Perfume: The Big Charisma Campaign {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Perfume}

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie attends the 2009 World Refugee Day at the National Geographic Society on June 18, 2009 in Washington, DC. 

Hot off the wires. Actress Angelina Jolie has been announced as the face of the next Armani perfume. The advertising campaign is said to kick off later this year in 2009. Jolie recently was listed as celebrity # 1 by Forbes Magazine, which could only have helped Armani wade through the candidates' list...

The designer is reported to really, really want to boost his fragrance business,

A fashion industry source tells Life & Style, "Armani rolled up the Brink's truck for Angelina, because frankly, she's worth it. For this fragrance push, they needed a true A-lister, and Angelina is the biggest, most dynamic female star in the world."

The actress will have creative oversight over the print and TV ad campaign as part of the deal.

We hope Armani had some money left to make the fragrance itself and especially put some research into it, because what is more annoying than to see so much hoopla and media noise translate into a blah fragrance? The fragrance observer knows that many a times big publicity equates so-so juice, because you still need to make a profit. So, Armani if you can manage to make a great perfume after having secured Jolie who will make sure your fragrance does not drown in the competition, we don't know, but this could be big.

Prompted by a comment from reader Cedric, I am adding links to previous articles about Armani upcoming perfumes:

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  1. Is Angelina going to replace Kasia Smutniak for the new Armani Idole? Or maybe Armani Code is getting a new campaign...
    They can't possibly launch yet another new fragrance, right?

    • Good questions -- it's not entirely clear from the announcements what is going to take place. I would think that it is still technically possible to launch another feminine fragrance if Armani wanted to make a big splash this year. And we know he is anxious to conquer the feminine fragrance market. Smutniak is younger than Jolie so she would be targeting another group of consumers. It's also not impossible that they got Jolie and will let go of Smutniak. It's a big coup to have got hold of Jolie.

      This news item needs to be watched and if I can find further information, I will report. Or if anyone else knows anything more about this, please comment!

      Chant Wagner

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