Boadicea The Victorious Winter Oud Collection (2009) {New Perfumes}

Recent newcomer and charismatic British brand Boadicea The Victorious is preparing to launch a special library of no less than nine oud or agarwood perfumes for winter 2009. If you suspected that this is the year of oud in perfumery you would not be mistaken. I will elaborate on this hot trend later on in a separate article.

The Boadicea The Victorious label is not to be confused with another UK perfume brand called Boudicca (as it happened to me), both being named after the legendary Iceni warrior-queen albeit using different forms of her name...

The collection will debut in October 2009 and was made exclusively for London department store Selfridges. The 9 fragrances it comprises are titled as usual after moral characteristics. Elegant for example is touted as "...probably the most luxurious perfume in the world. Prepare to be indulged." There are also Emprise, Intricate, Inquisitive, Intriguing, Passionate, Magnificent, and Provocative. The line aims at luxury and reportedly this is no obstacle to its popularity which has been reinforced by the publicized patronage of US First Lady Michelle Obama.

From the press release, the olfactory descriptions reveal 9 variations on oud, from floral to fruity, to leathery to camphoraceous, and more. Oud lovers take note:

Elegant £450/100ml
Rich and creamy with a velvet dry down. Liberal quantities of Rose Absolute and Otto Rose combined with Jasmin and Oud make probably the most luxurious perfume in the world. Prepare to be indulged.
Top - Lemon
Middle - Rose, Jasmin, Nutmeg
Base - Oud, Guaiacwood and Ambergris

Emprise £225/100ml
A rich fruity-peachy heart is combined with ginger and set against a long lasting base of Oud, musk and sandalwood. The accord is balanced with a combination of citrus top notes.
Top notes - Bergamot and mandarin
Middle notes - Ginger, peach
Base notes - Oud, musk and sandalwood.

Intricate £450/100ml
An earthy, sexy perfume of Oud, leather, animal notes. Uncompromising and dominant.
Top notes - None
Middle notes - A hint of violet
Base Notes - Oud, Labdanum, leather, musk, civet

Inquisitive  £225/100ml
Full bodied and long lasting. Bergamot and galbanum combined with the balsamic richness of labdanum and a fabulous soft Oud dry down.
Top - Bergamot
Middle - Galbanum
Base - Oud, cistus, labdanum and cedarwood.

Intriguing £225/ml
Warm, smooth, woody, velvety, sweet, balsamic and spicy.
Top - Linalyl acetate
Middle - Costus, lily, rose
Base - Oud, ambergris, musk, frankincense.

Passionate £225/100ml
A modern fragrance with a fruity twist. A white floral heart of Lily and Jasmin against a rich woody background.
Top notes - Citrus fruits
Middle notes - Rose, Lily, Jasmin
Base Notes - Oud, patchouli and vanilla

Magnificent £450/100ml
Dedicated to the beauty of Narcissus and Oud - two of the most complex - and expensive - aromas in perfumery.
Top - Grass
Middle - Narcissus, cassis
Base - Oud, tonka, guaiacwood.

Provocative £225/100ml
An intriguing and extremely sensual blend of camphoracious notes against a heart of pepper, Oud, patchouli and ambergris.
Top - Rosemary
Middle - Fir, pepper
Base - Oud, patchouli, ambergris, musk.

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  1. Intricate is by far my favourite...has anyone tried these?

    At £450 a pop but its all worth it!

    art of concumerism
  2. hi how do you know which one is which if it is not in the box. found a lovely scent which one is it


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