Crazy Libellule & The Poppies 26 Juin, Ile d'Yeu (2009): L'Eau de Crazy Cologne {New Perfume}

Eau-de-Crazy-Cologne.jpgCrazy Libellules & The Poppies which have specialized in the creation of whimsical perfumed sticks that are easy to carry along in your bag have launched an alcoholic fragrance, an Eau de Cologne called 26 Juin, Ile d'Yeu after an island located in the south of Brittany. It is labeled as an unisex scent...


There continues to be a stick version of this scent touted as "La première Eau de Cologne en stick de parfum solide", "the first eau de cologne in solid scented stick."

The perfume evokes an atmosphere of summery quiet in a house standing by fir trees listening to Bach's English Suites. "Nothing disturbs the silence, just this olfactory indiscretion where fruits and leaves mingle." Ahem, the ad copy contradicts itself since the silence is broken by Bach's music and the surf of the ocean already, but we get the idea.

"26 Juin Ile d'Yeu : la Maison au bord des Sapins. Bach en Suites Anglaises, l'océan s'invite, discrètement attiré par un fil de lumière... Rien ne trouble le silence, juste cette indiscrétion olfactive de fruits et feuilles mêlés. Étonnée, chamboulée... bouleversée de se trouver contre sa peau..."

Top notes are orange, vine peach, green plum; heart notes are: May rose, jasmine, muguet, orange blossom, cardamom, black pepper; base notes are: precious wood, greedy vanilla, musk.

A 200 ml bottle, which can be used either as a splash or a spray bottle, is priced at 48 €. It is available here.

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