Sneak Peek at Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent (2009): Fronted by Kate Moss {New Perfume} {Celebrity Fragrance}

Added 08/17/09: Review of Parisienne by YSL

Following yesterday's tip regarding the name of the next feminine fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent fronted by Kate Moss, we got a confirmation today that the next feminine perfume by Yves Saint Laurent is indeed called Parisienne (without the definite article "la"), with a picture to boot!

Many thanks to Linda from the Netherlands thanks to whom we can all get a first sneak peek at the perfume bottle before its official launch in the fall!...

The flacon looks like an elongated version of the bottle for YSL Paris. What is remarkable is how the color palette for the perfume is an exact match for the ones used in Kate Moss's clothing for the Parisienne advert: a delicate pink that veers in the direction of a pale mauve contrasted with the black of the trademark YSL smoking jacket worn on a bustier dress.

With all of these early indications it looks like Parisienne Eau de Parfum is going to be a step further in the direction of representing the personality of the city of lights through the scent of a rose, as with the previous YSL Paris. Two icons, Paris and the rose, meet again. Sorry, no, I should have said three icons meet: Paris, the rose and Kate Moss.

Parisienne is already listed in the catalog of a perfume shop from the Netherlands. It will be available in 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml from 47,50€ to 85 €.

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