Yves Saint Laurent Paris Eau de Printemps (2009): Newcomer {New Fragrance}

Paris-Eau-de-Printemps-09.jpgYves Saint Laurent have released what looks like their latest annual flanker to YSL Paris called this time Paris Eau de Printemps. According to Osmoz.fr however this is a permanent addition to the YSL Paris lineup and not just another springtime limited-edition as we have become used to expect...

"Eau de Printemps" is a name that was used before in fact by Yves Saint Laurent for the first Paris flanker in 2002. The circle is thus closed.

The 2009 spring-summer Paris edition is described as being very fresh and associates its star note, rose, with an "ultra romantic bouquet of flowers".

The perfume opens on notes of morning dew, a fruity touch, violet, and honeysuckle further unfolding on notes of May rose, peony and jasmine petal before lingering on with sandalwood and musks.

A 125 ml flacon is priced at 61 €.

Last year's limited-edition was called Pont des Amours (2008); in 2007 it was titled Jardins Romantiques

Via Firstluxe

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