Avril Lavigne Black Star (2009): More News {New Perfume} {Celebrity Scent}

As previously announced with the early discovery of the story board for the commercial, singer Avril Lavigne has started to introduce her debut fragrance, Black Star. It will progressively roll out to different European countries. The UK will see the launch in 25 days.

The perfume is described as a floral oriental by Douglas perfumery although Lavigne herself preferred to stress that it is very fruity and floral by pointing out a "high note" of pink hibiscus, a heart of plum and some chocolate...

No much more information is divulged about the rest of the notes in the fragrance, an eau de parfum, except for a top note of "green pear".

From the dedicated website,

"Black Star is a fruity floral fragrance that combines the delicate scents of the pink hibiscus flower with addictively delicious black plum and dark chocolate!

The notes blend to create a swirling, sparkling cloud of fragrance, for a truly energetic scent!

Avril about the fragrance: "When I created the scent, I knew the fragrance had to have dark chocolate... I was thrilled to be able to incorporate such an unexpected element into Black Star."

"This beautiful faceted bottle comes with an unexpected twist - a removable studded ring accessory - to capture Avril's distinctive rock-glam style - a perfect fusion of punk and pretty. Further celebrating Avril's punk flair, the Black Star outer-packaging was inspired by her favorite studded leather wrist band.

Avril about the bottle: "I really love unexpected combinations like pink and black... and fun accessories like stars and studs. This is what you'll see in my perfume bottle. In fact, I almost wanted the bottle to become an accessory so the studded collar you see is actually a removable ring that people can hang around things like necklaces."

You can watch a video of a public presentation of the fragrance by Lavigne,

Here is the commercial,

Here is the making of the commercial,

Black Star notes recap: green pear, pink floral hibiscus, black plum, dark chocolate

In Europe the perfume is priced at 16€, 24€ and 33€ for 15 ml, 30 ml and 50 ml. 

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  1. My daughter would like to have a dress like Avril is wearing on the Black Star Poster add for her prom in 2010. Any idea where I can find / buy one.

  2. @Maryna


    it doesn'yt look exactly like avril's dress though but u can do some modifications!
    GOOD LUCK :)

  3. I would say that a dress could be easily made to look like Avril's. Start with a pink skirt. Add tons of black tool. Top with a black halter. Finish with a studded belt. In the mean time check out the Making of the Black Star Commercial at:
    When you're done, she can say, just like Avril, I want to "prance around in my black tu-tu"!


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