Diane von Furstenberg D Gets Evaluated by Passersby in New York, and Not in a Good Way {The 5th Sense in the News}

Designer Diane von Furstenberg pumps her perfume in the air in the Meatpacking district in NYC, gets irate feedback from passersby and neighbors who are less than enamored with her signature scent D. The epithets soon rain...

"Diane Von Furstenberg's new perfume is reportedly making New York pedestrians feel unwell.

The coveted designer - who recently launched her new scent D Eau de Parfum - has upset US residents by pumping the strong-scented fragrance from the air vents at her store in the city's fashion-forward Meatpacking District.

One woman told the New York Post newspaper: "I literally got dizzy from this. It is putrid, awful, something you'd find on a 60-year-old matron.

"She has got some nerve wafting this out of her store. There is a point at which these peoples' egos and chutzpah absolutely begin to take over any sense of reality or consideration for other people." Read more...

The fragrance, which is available on the brand's website is described as,

"An exotic mix of Mandarin flower, violet leaves and lychee. Jasmine absolute, ylang ylang and Lily of the Valley, with an edge of pepper and nutmeg. Ultimately, D wanders off to the wild, mysterious forests of cedar, patchouli, and sandalwood."

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