Perfume Shopping in Beijing: Eiphur Perfume Hutte {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}

beijing_china_perfume.jpgEiphur Perfume Hutte is apparently a perfumery that sells smell-alikes in Beijing, China. In a variation of the decanting perfume business, here the fragrances are sold by the milliliter from topsy-turvy bottles at a bar. You can purchase vials or perfume bottles in the store too. The pottery fragrance bottles are completely wild. The shopper appreciated finding scents by CK and Hugo Boss for a fraction of the going prices...
The kitschissime pottery perfume bottles  -- apparently "cute" is what sells a perfume.

beijing_china_perfumes-glass.jpgMore bottles, the Middle-Eastern type here with a narrow container for concentrated fragrance oils.

Via Shopping in Beijing

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