Strong Perfume Empties Bank, Sends People to Hospital {The 5th Sense in the News}

Modern perfume molecules can be powerfully diffusive, a trend that probably needs to be contained, or blends can provoke unexpected allergic reactions. In the case of a Texas spritzing incident reported by the BBC, the sprayed fragrance was so obnoxious that some 150 people decided to exit a building while others were seriously injured.

Was this also a phenomenon of mass panic to some extent or just a genuine perfume-triggered epidemic sickness is not altogether clear, but the problem so far has been chalked up to strong perfume.

"Thirty-four people went to hospital and dozens were treated for sickness after strong perfume was sprayed by a woman in a Texas bank."


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  1. Sigh. Yes, everybody is a hot-house flower these days. Delicate, fragile, and ready to fain at the softest hint of anything stronger than Johnson&Johnson baby powder. Must be the reason why 99% of the scents today vanish before they dry on your skin. Even the "perfums" and "eaux de perfum." So what do we have to look forward to in the future? They are going to do away with perfumes? Cigarettes are already almost unlawful. Some foods are going the same way. No more freedom of choice (except in some instances). We must all be protected even from strong scents. Me, I'd rather be at risk of everything, but free. Yeah, I'm funny that way.

    • Lol, it made me think of the time when your environment would have been so pungent that strong perfumes would have been welcomed with open arms to cover up the stench. With our standards of hygiene and use to a clean, aseptic milieu, anything above a certain level of propriety will be noticed.

      The media tend to report these events where perfume is perceived negatively or obsessively. I don't think that writing about pleasant, suave, and no-problem perfumes would give them much material to sink their teeth into. But let us not forget the voiceless people who are charmed by a perfume one day just passing by a lovely sillage on the street.

      Chant Wagner
  2. Count me among those voiceless people. Only I am very vocal about it. ;)

    • Ha, ha, ha. The other day I smelled a lovely perfume on a woman and thought I might ask her what it was but decided against it to preserve the poetry of the moment. A little mystery does not hurt. This was my way of remaining "voiceless", in a different sense :)

      Chant Wagner

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