Yves Rocher So Elixir (2009): The Essence of Femininity {New Perfume}


Yves Rocher is preparing for its next major feminine launch called So Elixir. The woody-floral perfume is based on a white floral accord and was created with 6 hands by perfumers Marie Salamagne, Olivier Cresp and Jacques Cavallier of Firmenich. The advertising for the fragrance is uncharacteristically seductive for the brand, which seems to want combine here the allure of natural ingredients with a sophisticated imagery...

Let me state from the outset how I love the fact that the Yves Rocher press release details the contributions of each perfumer. This is my idea of where perfumery ought to be headed in the future whereby people discuss the creative process in a non-infantilizing manner and credits are rolled. In this example, it sounds the way screenplay writers detail their contributions....

To summarize, Marie Salamagne proposed the main idea of a white floral accord faceted by patchouli in order to create a "spark" between the two ingredients, Olivier Cresp worked on the structure and volume of the main accord bringing verticality to the perfume and Jacques Cavallier wanted to add luminosity by working on fresh and inviting top notes.

The goal for the perfume was to capture ultra femininity,

"How does one describe femininity?

It's fullness. Radiance.
An undulating vibe, a fluid smile.
It's light.
It's what makes a woman. The sum of her infinite parts.
Her limitless emotions. It's fireflies and clouds.
Shade and light. Sun and scent.
It is obvious and unmistakable:
it's a perfume. "

So Elixir has notes of bergamot essence, Sambac jasmine absolute, Damascena rose essence, incense extract, patchouli essence, cedar wood, tonka absolute.

(Via press release)

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