Dear Abby Says: "A little dab'll do ya.": Perfume Etiquette

perfume-dab.jpg"DEAR ABBY: Yesterday, my 27-year-old daughter was coming out of a store behind a woman who was reeking of very strong perfume. It triggered an asthma attack and my daughter ended up in the emergency room.

Would you please remind your readers that they should apply their perfume with discretion, and that there are people who are allergic to it and could end up seriously ill if they are exposed to it? - KATHY IN NEW MEXICO."


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  1. Sorry but I kinda figure that Life is dangerous too. Pretty soon nobody will be able to do anything because 1 person in 10,000 might be allergic/etc.

    • You know, you made me think of an interesting parallel example, that of peanuts. Not many people are allergic to them but schools won't allow food with peanuts and nuts to enter the premises.

      Chant Wagner

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