Les Sens des Fleurs E'Sens, Ideel des Sens, A Double Sens (2009): Scents Co-Signed by Dr. Bach {New Perfumes} {Green Products}

Les Sens des Fleurs (lit.The Meanings of Flowers), is a French eco-certified bio cosmetics brand founded by Stella Mordocco-Menendez. They just released a new collection of perfumes based on the principles and ingredients developed by Dr. Edward Bach and his famous flowers. The wellness theme is taken to heart here as each fragrance is not only an olfactory composition that smells good but has a flowers-of-Dr.-Bach formula included in it to help elevate the moods of women (some would say, good luck with that!).

The series is called Actes de Fleurs (Flowers' Acts) and includes E'Sens, Idéel des Sens, A Double Sens...

E'Sens is called "the perfume of seduction" and features notes of rose, nutmeg, patchouli, amber. It also has Dr. Bach's vine, heather, and chestnut tree buds to help you assert your femininity.

Idéel des Sens is a fresh green perfume with notes of citruses, a rich floral heart with rose and iris, and a base of warm woods. Wellness notes are walnut tree, centaurea, elm tree which will help you unveil your intimate self.

A Double Sens (Double Meaning) is dubbed a unisex perfume. It has notes of citruses, a floral heart of lavender, patchouli, rose on a rich base of sandalwood, vanilla, and ylang-ylang. Healthy notes are oak tree, clematis, and olive tree "to help relax and give you the audacity to exist."

All three scents are bio, eco-certified. Each 100 ml perfume is priced at 78 €.

They can be found in Europe at Douglas, Passion Beauté, Beauty Success, in pharmacies and parapharmacies and on lessensdesfleurs.com.

Via Les Sens des Fleurs, Beauté-Addict

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