Scented Quote of the Day, from Karl Lagerfeld:

"On this day each year, I soak the previous year's calendar in my mother's favorite perfume and then set it ablaze. Here's to a fresh start."

Twittered on January 1st, 2009

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  1. It's a quote by Karl but he didn't twitter it: someone simply pulled out the old quotes from various sources and posted the memorable lines. And by the way Lagerfeld's mother (Elisabeth Bahlmann) used Guerlain Mitsouko, among others. No words on whether that's Karl's choice of soaking, however.


    • Thanks Albert, I saw they indicated the source as websource and wasn't sure -- did not investigate further. If it weren't a legit account his own brand of English sounded authentic however.

      Ah, good to know, I was wondering what his mother's perfume was and yes, perhaps, he means another one...

      Chant Wagner

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