Histoires de Parfums Moulin Rouge 1889 & The Tuberose Trilogy (2009) {New Perfumes}

moulin-rouge-1889.jpgIndependent French perfume house Histoires de Parfums is launching four new perfumes this fall. One, Moulin Rouge 1889, follows the main story line of the brand which is to offer a series of compositions inspired by a year and a notable personality or place or event linked to that date. The other part of the launch is more novel for the label which this year is dedicating a set of three perfumes to three variations on the tuberose flower, that "mistress of the night." The Trilogy comprises Tubéreuse 1 (La Capricieuse), Tubéreuse 2 (La Virginale), Tubéreuse 3 (L'Animale)....


It is often not easy for a perfumer to make a definitive choice between various personalities and facets of a raw ingredient and this is one way to turn a difficulty into a systematic study.

Moulin Rouge 1889 is named after the mythical Parisian cabaret and set in time in the year of its foundation. It is described as a "velvety chypre" a work on contrasts between the perfumes of a boudoir and a masculine leather. It evokes the figures of painter Toulouse-Lautrec, of the poètes maudits. Notes are: rose, aldehydes, pepper, leather, musk, vanilla, amber.

Tubéreuse 1, La Capricieuse is a powdery and gourmand tuberose.

Notes are: tuberose, iris, saffron, bergamot, mandarin; tuberose, iris, saffron, ylang ylang; tuberose, iris, saffron, cacao, suede note, white musks.

Tubéreuse 2, La Virginale is a creamy and enveloping tuberose.

Notes are: tuberose, mandarin; tuberose, iris, tiare, frangipani; tuberose, woody note, patchouli, vanilla, white musks.

Tubéreuse 3, L'Animale is a libertine and seductive tuberose resting on a floral-leathery accord with honeyed notes of tobacco and immortelle.

Notes are: tuberose, bergamot, neroli, mandarin; tuberose, jasmine, prune, aromatic note, dried grass; tuberose, hay, tobacco, immortelle, labdanum, woody note.

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  1. I never thought of myself as a fan of tuberose until I tried "Tubéreuse 1, Capricieuse": the tuberose-iris combination is stupendous! The haughty powderiness of iris is a wonderful match to the animalic tuberose. I got a small travel bottle of it, but I'm thinking now I might want a full bottle!

    And I can't wait to try Moulin Rouge; sounds good.

    • Thanks for the tip. It sounds great. Here's a scoop for you: I am about to review Moulin Rouge.

      Chant Wagner

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