2 Love My Lips Lip Glosses are Secret Weapons Against Date-Raping {New Beauty Products}

A British brand called 2 Love My Lips have come up with the idea of empowering women by turning traditional tools of coquetry, their lip glosses, into weapons against date-raping.

I initially imagined that the gloss itself might turn into a code color alert if you smeared some discreetly on the rim of your glass, but you need to whip out the strip that says you mean business. It's not going to be easy to make friends this way, but safety first! Okay, seriously, the lip glosses come together with a drug testing kit in the form of a pink taper that you dip into your drink before taking any sip out of it. The strip detects the drugs GHB and Ketamine by turning blue...


GBH and Ketamine  have been called the "rape drugs" as they not only make you lose physical control by stupefying you but encourage uninhibited sexual functions.

Date-rape is a serious problem and is an extreme outcome of drink-spiking in pubs and bars, which can be used for organizing robbery or playing pranks as well. Women are majoritarily targeted although men are also possible targets. According to the Roofie study cited by the brand, the number of drink-spikings has increased since the enforcement of the ban on smoking in public spaces.

The brand plans to launch their collection of lip glosses in the US and Australia as well. The Middle East is also considered, as some areas harbor this phenomenon, in particular tourist-y ones (I can confirm that). In the UK, 2 Love My Lips is also planning to sell their products via vending machines in bars and club toilets, according to Cosmetics Design.

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