Martha Stewart The Fragrance Show {Perfume Images & Adverts}

Martha Steward had a whole show dedicated to fragrance on Sept 30, 2009. Highlights are capturing the scent of peony with IFF experts (good demonstration of headspace technique), Aerin Lauder talking about Jasmine Moss, making lavender sachets and planting garlic. We are also officially told that Martha Stewart's favorite perfume is Fracas by Robert Piguet, and more.

The Fragrance Show

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  1. So lame that she likes Fracas, obviously perfume is for everybody however she is dishonest, ugly, beige, boring, homely, unsexy. in other words everything that Fracas is not.

    • I would personally see a connection here with the fact that Martha Stewart is a woman of power. Fracas is beloved by many women with a lot of clout, like the fragrance itself.


      Chant Wagner
      • Martha Stewart is also a convicted felon, so your point is?

        Ramón Jurado
        • My point is about power and strength - not about how you use those attributes. There are also many people who could be convicted felons who are not. I think a point that Martha Stewart made was that she was more openly targeted than her male counterparts who cross the line in financial dealings.

          Chant Wagner

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