Parfumerie Generale Papyrus de Ciane (2010) {New Perfume}


Parfumerie Générale will launch a new perfume called Papyrus de Ciane in February 2010. The scent is said to be a woodsy green fragrance.

Perfume history buffs will appreciate the finer points of the composition as it is said to be based on " a contemporary interpretation of Mousse de Saxe (Saxe Moss)" a famous perfumery base created by fragrance company De Laire that was used most notably by the house of Caron, for example in Nuit de Noël and is a reference for perfumers. Isabelle Doyen confessed once that she would have loved to create it and considers it a little jewel.


Des Fontaines d'Aréthuse, aux eaux brunes des méandres de Ciane, sa noblesse se pare d'ombelles à l'éclat vert intense..."


From the Arethuse fountain to the meandering dark waters of Ciane, the elegant sway of intense green plumes..."

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