X Factor Perfumes in the Making, will be Ready for Christmas {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Perfumes}

The judging panel from the TV show the X Factor which includes Cheryl Cole, Danni Minogue, Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell have signed an agreement to develop a quatuor of fragrances which is set to be released for Christmas this year. They are just now going to meet this week to start working on the perfumes.

You can just guess the level of attention and originality that is going to go into these by looking at the time frame: it sounds like blitz krieg perfume-making,...

This means the celebrities will have access to formulas that are already in the drawers of the fragrance company which will be tweaked to suit their tastes better. But don't expect this to be perfume creation from scratch nor even haute-couture fitting,

"Just days after he celebrated his 50th birthday at a lavish party at the weekend, reports have suggested that Cowell and his fellow X Factor judges will be paid £250,000 in advance plus a percentage of the sales.

The judges are due to meet perfume experts later this week to decide what their individual scents will be. "


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  1. I've noticed that Louis hasn't got one!!! Thank god for that! Who'd want to go around smelling like Louis Walshe!!!


    • Huh, I have to say that I am not following this group that closely :)

      But thanks for pointing that out!

      Chant Wagner

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