Auric Blends Naturals Layla, Pele, Siren, Tara (2009) {New Perfumes} {Green Products}

Auric Blends, which are well-known for their budget, accessible and sexy perfume oils have now turned to all-natural perfume-making. You might have heard of their #1 best-seller Egyptian Goddess, a soft feminine musk scent, but also more recently of their #2 best-seller Love voted my fave in 2007 for Valentine's Day now repackaged in pink to make the charm work better. 

The brand have released a quatuor of new fragrance oils which play the green, eco-conscious card that so many are attracted to these days and for good reason. It's just that sometimes marketed compositions are still a bit medicinal, in an involuntary way, or too simple. It's not always easy, but Auric Blends which specialize in simple mixes should not disappoint for the latter part at least. At the same time, I see more and more sophisticated eco-certified blends appear, especially in France...

From the Auric Blends website,

"Layla, a sophisticated floral with Bulgarian rose, orange flower blossom and jasmine absolute. Sandalwood and vetiver notes blend with just a touch of spice.

Pele, earthy and rich with bay leaf and cinnamon. Spicy geranium and lavender add a floral touch, while patchouli and vanilla round out the composition.

Siren is fresh lemon oil and lemongrass blended with rich florals. Sage and thyme add to the base a lively herbaceous quality

Tara, a sweet floral, complex with a blend of rose and jasmine absolute. Fruity notes of pineapple and raspberry are rounded out with a woody background of patchouli, orris root and sandalwood."

Depending on the perfume, the Naturals are priced at $11,95 or $15,95, an increase in price from the basic $7 indulgence for a roller-ball of perfume oil.

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