Autographed Patrick Dempsey 2 by Avon Giveaway (US & Canada Readers Only) {Contests & Giveaways} {Celebrity Fragrance}

Patrick-Dempsey-2-Bottle-B.jpgAfter launching his debut signature fragrance with Avon last year called Unscripted, Patrick Dempsey has now released a new fragrance simply called Patrick Dempsey 2.

The cologne was inspired by his feelings for his wife, makeup artist JIlian Dempsey who is also a color director at Avon and has a signature line of makeup with the brand,

"There's a very personal dimension to the fragrance," says Dempsey. "This scent evokes the feeling of strength and intimacy you experience with the person you love."


The composition is described as a spicy oriental. It "evokes the feeling of power, strength and intimacy with a surprising blend of notes,"

Opening notes are: saffron, mandarin, nutmeg

Body notes are: spiced wood accord, green fig, citrus

Lingering notes are: olibanum (incense), patchouli, guaiacwood, skin musk accord.

A cologne is priced at $35.


The Giveaway is open to all US and Canada-based readers. Please leave a comment on Patrick Dempsey or on men's colognes in general: your favorite, what you'd like to smell on a man, your dad's, boyfriend's, husband's, brother's etc cologne; whatever your thoughts are on men's colognes. Your comment will automatically enter you in the contest to win an autographed bottle by Patrick Dempsey.

Contest is open until Monday November 30, 2009 6 am Eastern Time.

Thanks for participating!

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  1. a great gift for dad or a brother - just in time for holidays :)


    • The notes sound nice, don't they?

      Chant Wagner
  2. This sounds amazing. I really like Patrick Dempsey and think it would be nice for my dad or brother to try out his cologne. They need something new! Thanks for the giveaway.


    • Don't mention it! Avon proposed this giveaway and I said yes. They are the ones who will send the prize to the winner.

      Chant Wagner
  3. This sounds like a fabulous
    fragrance! I love the Body notes!
    Perhaps this would be the
    perfect scent for my hubby!

    Adelaide C.
    • Yes, I think also the husband-wife-relationship angle is there to tell you it could be great for both persons in the couple :)

      Chant Wagner
  4. I wear the first Unscripted and it's terrific! Can't wait to smell Unscripted 2!

    R. Lasko
    • Great!

      Chant Wagner
  5. Love Patrick Dempsey's acting and I bet the cologne would have a gorgeous scent!

    Elaine R

    • You're in!

      Chant Wagner
  6. I LOVE spicy orientals! D&G The One is my fav! My dads all time fav is CK Obsession. My bros is Allure Homme Sport. All are great and Im so looking forward to trying PD2! It sounds to die for right?! Saffron, nutmeg, fig, and woods! Its like warm comforting heaven in a bottle. Sounds absolutely perfect for the winter and holidays. Heres hoping for the best! Thanks!

    Jonathan R.

    • I know, the notes sound delish! Hope it's a good one! I will be able to test the scent soon so I can say a bit more :)

      Chant Wagner
  7. I have never tried any of the Avon fragrances but this one sounds particularly nice. Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving! From your Canadian friends.

    Scott N

    • Thanks! I feel like saying hello back in Canadian and then I realize it's still English :)

      Chant Wagner
  8. I love when men wear a nice cologne. I am a big fan of Black XS for men. It smells sooo good!


    • I think you just gave a cologne tip

      Chant Wagner
  9. This does sound like a good mix of notes, I have always liked spicy even for myself since I'm not a huge fan of florals. Can't wait to see your review on this! Thank you so much for the chance to win :)


    • I'm crossing my fingers for it to be as the set phrase goes for mass-marketed fragrances "surprisingly good"

      If it turns out to be like CK Free, which advertised some "attention-calling" notes but then drowned them in a humdrum composition, I'll talk

      Chant Wagner
  10. This sounds really nice .
    My DH has been wearing Bois 1920 Real Patchouli and rockin it!
    Thanks for the chance to win a bottle !

    • You're welcome! I see, a man of discerning taste no doubt, under your influence :)

      Chant Wagner
  11. Patrick Dempsey is so delicious, his cologne must be also.

    Anne-Marie T

    • You might have a point here:)

      Chant Wagner
  12. If it's named after Patrick Dempsey, then you know it's got to be McDreamy!!!


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