Demi Moore is Launching YouTube Video Contest: What do You Want in a Man or a Woman?

On the occasion of the launch of Wanted by Helena Rubinstein (see my review), spokesperson Demi Moore who is a fervent twitterer and is internet smart has come up with the idea of organizing a YouTube video contest.

She has already pitched in with her own video which looks like any other video shot with a cam recorder. Talk about a new vogue of internet aesthetics! How more real could she get? Maybe if she had just showered and was doing the pitch in a frayed bathrobe, that might do the trick?

"As Demi named this fragrance "WANTED", she is ready and willing to hear what people have to say about what they really want in a man or woman.  She is asking people to create a short video telling her just that.  She is watching every video to get an understanding of what people are looking for in their significant other. "...

"From all the videos entered, Demi is going to choose a selection of videos to create a compilation of what is "Wanted" which will be hosted on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.  Readers can learn how to upload their videos and also discover what Demi really WANTS (it's Ashton!) in this video:"

The video explains the rules of the game,

Also see her sticking Wanted tags on everything she wants at Macy's which seems to include both the walls of Macy's and Ashton Kutcher,


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