Interview with Maurice Roucel: Everyone Knows the Alphabet but Few Can Write a Good Novel {Fragrant Reading}


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In an interview given to an Italian publication, perfumer Maurice Roucel of Symrise compares the art of perfume composition to the art of writing. He underlines the differences between the technical aspect of perfumery and the more intuitive, creative one. The act of creation remains somewhat magical, mysterious. He confides that like all the other perfumers he is looking for the blue note of jazz in perfume, the perfect note, but that at the same time his primary motivation remains to bring something positive to the lives of perfume-wearers.  

A perfume to which he is particularly attached he reveals and calls unforgettable was one worn by his grand-mother called Le Ciel de Paris. When his grand-mother finished the perfume bottle he added water so that the scent could come to life again. How lovely is that!

Read more in I Profumi? Crearli è un'arte come scrivere...

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