Marc jacobs Splash Collection Apple, Pomegranate, Biscotti (2010) {New Fragrances}

marc-jacobs-macaroons.jpgAs I was already writing in my review of Wanted by Helena Rubinstein, macaroons are the new Swarovski crystals. I did not phrase it this way exactly but for anyone who is living in Paris and paying attention it is hard to escape the fact that macaroons or macarons in French are the new iconic signs of luxury. Even art galleries use the icon to advertise their artists. Isabella Blow is credited for having had the idea of introducing the widespread use of Swarovski crystals in the field of fashion as a means to add an affordable touch of luxury. Today, macaroons are studding the fashion and beauty scenes as well. 

Marc Jacobs will launch a new trio of oversized Splash perfumes next summer " inspired by an array of macaroons in a Paris patisserie," They are called Apple, Pomegranate and Biscotti...
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Apple was composed by Yann Vasnier of Givaudan. It features notes of apple juice, lemon and grapefruit, teamed with rosemary, jasmine, magnolia, coriander and cardamom.

Pomegranate was created by Patty Hidalgo of Fragrance Resources. Notes are pomegranate, mandarin flowers, bergamot, rhubarb, violet, musk, vanilla and amber.

Biscotti is savory and citrusy. It was composed by Richard Herpin of Firmenich. It includes notes of freesia, bergamot and orange flower, building to a heart of pistachio blossom and vanilla.

The perfumes will be introduced as limited-editions.

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