Orlane Autour du Coquelicot, de l'Iris, du Muguet, de la Rose (2009) {New Perfumes}


Cosmetics and perfume brand Orlane have launched a quatuor of perfumes each centering on an interpretation of a floral note. The collection is called Les Bouquets d'Orlane (Orlane Bouquets) and includes Autour du Coquelicot (Around the Poppy), Autour de l'Iris, Autour du Muguet and Autour de la Rose....
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The poppy perfume is described as "the spicy burst of a perfumed glen"; the iris in the iris scent is said to have been "picked at dawn in the painter's garden"; the muguet or lily of the valley fragrance is about "the spring-like freshness of a sunny undergrowth; the rose perfume signals "the delicate presence of a perfumed bouquet".

What I find particularly interesting here is the concept of a poppy perfume, which was already rendered abstractly by Kenzo with FlowebyKenzo. it parallels a significant trend in the French food fashion culture where poppy-flavored products have been appearing left and right. I don't know if the allusion to spiciness indicates here that poppy seeds were an inspiration.

Each 50 ml Eau de Toilette is priced at 48 €. It will be available at the Orlane beauty institute, 163 Avenue Victor Hugo, Paris.

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