Blog Annoucement: You Can Now Bookmark + New Blogs

Dear Readers,

We've set up a new entry point to the website at where you will be able to look at the main page at a glance to see if there have been any new posts. It's still a work in progress, but you can bookmark us and link to us as of today.

I have added two new blogs to the site: The Sapid Salamander, where I will post on all things flavorful, food-related etc. and Salamander in Paris where, you've guessed it right, the focus will be more about the nooks and cranies of the city (and beyond). It's a way for me to organize the site differently, while incorporating more topics of interest to me.

What is about:

Life is a motley patchwork: from the latest tea strainer, 17th century dish towel, new and old macaron flavor, beauty concept, movies, French and American quirks, to the last dregs of a perfume bottle.
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