Jaye Hersh It fragrance: So L.A. {Spotlight on a Brand}

I know there is that special brand of perfumes that incurs the favor of Californians and especially L.A.-based celebrities. My personal theory is that the largest egos do not wear perfume and when they do, they need hush-hush perfumes that do not overshadow them.

Jaye Hersh the owner of Shop Intuition knows a thing or two about the mores of the town in which she lives because her signature fragrance is called It and it's very discreet, clean and sexy. This sounds L.A. to a T to my mind. The scent is meant to meld with your personality rather than take any particle of attention away from it....

"a soft, clean, feminine fragrance is infused with rare florals and citrus scents. Additional oils are used for longevity. iT gets better as you wear iT."

It is one of those scents that like Essential Faith also sold by the boutique wants to be there but smell of nothing in particular.

What else is very L.A. about it? The fact that celebrity pictures frame the bottle of perfume on the website, just to let you know who took interest in it. Christian Audigier, you're not the only one to use The method.

It is priced at $46 for 2 oz and available at shopintuition.com

You can also check out Kai to sport the L.A. fragrance vibe

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  1. Looking to buy It perfume by jaye hersh .Said can buy on amazon but not there. where can i buy

    diana hauser

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