Des Filles a la Vanille: Update on Slew of 2009 Launches {New Perfumes}

Avec-Toi-Sous-les-ETOILES.jpgI foresee that in January 2010, I will need to add fragrances to the site that were launched in 2009 and that I would like to keep track of. I could add them to the database or follow the blog format and put them on the home page. Hope the latter option is not a hindrance for a little while.

I posted last year about several Des Filles à la Vanille 2009 launches. I just realized they had been working to their death last year and introduced some 25-30 fragrances or so in between.

It is difficult to date their perfumes because the brand does not feel comfortable with the idea of talking about "nouveautés" or new launches, as I found out. They prefer to think in terms of what they have in stock in their boutiques of clothing at any given time. Part of the reason for this attitude might be that the fragrances by Des Filles à la Vanille are able to multiply thanks to small increments of change and also thanks to the key notion of the "perfume twist." You can thus find sub-libraries of musks or patchoulis or vanillas or ambers that play on variations.

Let's put some order in that heap of perfume bottles.

There is a sub-collection called Princesse Hippie which includes a patchouli, amber, musk and vanilla scents. They are called Ambre Princesse Hippie or Vanille Princesse Hippie...


Then you can progress through their offerings by noticing that they have a sub-set of new patchouli perfumes called: Patchouli Divine Féline, Patchouli Tu Es Ma Préférence, Patchouli Toi Mon Amour, Patchouli Princesse Hippie, Patchouli Intime Secret (rose, orange, peach...), Patchouli Tendre Soupir.

They also have a near-parallel sub-set of new vanillas which re-use the same titles transposed with vanilla in them and a couple particular names: Vanille Tu Es Mon Essentiel, Vanille Tu Es Ma Préférence, Vanille Toi Mon Amour, Vanille Divine Féline, Vanille Tendre Soupir, Vanille Intime Secret.

There were two new ambers: Ambre Chinoise (amber, musk, rose, violet...) and Ambre Princesse Hippie.

They also offer perfumes which have more storied titles in which the terms baiser (kiss), fille (girl), amour (love), coeur (heart), je t'aime (I love you), Venise or Vénitien are recurrent and operate in fact like leitmotivs that make you feel like you are in a familiar universe. In 2009, the new fragrances labeled as little stories are: Avec Toi sous les Etoiles (white roses, muguet, cedar wood, freesia, musk...); Coeur de Fille, Jeux Interdits; Fini les Cachotteries; Loin des Yeux Près du Coeur (almond blossoms, raspberry, vanilla...); Où es tu Mon Ange?; A Minuit sous le Pont des Soupirs; Musc Vénitien (ylang, jasmine, fruity musk...) Prête Moi Ton Coeur; Le Diable au Coeur; Petit Secret Entre Nous; Un Baiser sur la Bouche; Avec Toi Sous Les Etoiles; Je Voudrais Vous Revoir; Tous Mes Rêves Sont Pour Toi; Coeur Volé à Bali; Coeur de Fille; Comment ne pas t'Aimer; Le Coeur des Filles c'est Compliqué; Je Suis Tombé en Amour; Mon Petit Papillon de Lune; Epouse-Moi Je T'Aime; Pour Un Baiser de Toi; Mon coeur n'appartient qu'à toi; Ne le dis à personne Je T'Aime.

There is even now a perfume dedicated to your love for your mother: Maman, Je T'Aime Pour La Vie (Mom, I Will Love You All My Life). Notes in case you might be interested in it for Mother's Day are:  roses, jasmine, ylang.

It becomes apparent that Des Filles à La Vanille are cultivating the idea that you can talk with perfume and send messages by using fragrances that are packaged as if inspired by fortune cookies.

Each perfume is priced at 39€

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  1. Where oh where can i buy these fragrances in the states?! I got a sample of ambre princess hippie and it was soooooo amazing!!!! I would love to own some of these perfumes. Thank you!!!

    Stephanie Daugherty

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