Burberry Sport pour Femme and pour Homme (2010): More News {New Perfumes}

I previously reported about the new Burberry Sport duo. We got further details about the thinking process which took place behind the concepts for these two fragrances as well as received new images from the advertising campaign.

This spring 2010, Burberry is hoping to awaken our sensitivities to sporty chic. Burberry Sport for Women and Men are meant to be the olfactory embodiments of the Burberry sport fashion line. Artistic Director Christopher Bailey said,

"Sport is a natural extension of our identity. We really wanted to study the technical, functional and sportive aspects of the Burberry heritage while incorporating into it all of these elements, in a modern and innovative style." [My own translation from the French version]...


About the fragrances, Bailey added,

"Perfume evokes for me a whole range of emotions; I wanted these fragrances to be both fresh and pure, that they would evoke memories of the seaside, recall the beauty of nature and of the vast expanses." 

The Britishness of the brand has been stressed, as usual. The perfumes are said to be inspired by "English open air", its sportswear by "British explorers" but also by adventurers, sportsmen and sportswomen from around the world. The models on the ads are also "two British personalities", model Lily Donaldson and actor Douglas Booth and the ads were shot by photographer David Sims on a London roof.

Each perfume comes with a red silicone band - the one sported by each model- to be transferred to your wrist.

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