Kim Kardashian is Planning an Unisex Fragrance {Perfume News} {Celebrity Scents}

reggie-bush-kim-kardashian-B.jpgKim Kardashian and football player Reggie Bush

TV reality star Kim Kardashian announced she has an upcoming unisex perfume on her mind for what would be her second fragrance launch following Kim Kardashian Eau de Parfum. It's never too early to garner a little publicity and so the media savvy bombshell is hinting that this time her boyfriend Reggie Bush might be part of the creative team. She said,

"Reggie and I have talked about doing a fragrance together - something that is kind of unisex."....

I can imagine the fight from here about how much femininity versus how much masculinity should enter in the composition of the fragrance. Both her and him are not exactly the androgynous type. What kind of unisex could they come up with?

So what does Reggie think about her debut perfume? He apparently prefers her natural scent. We already told you ladies, the best scent is your skin's. If that doesn't work, ditch him but don't cover up anything. Perfume, as the available surging evidence more and more screamingly suggests is what women wear to please themselves. KK said,

"He just likes my natural sexiness. He likes my natural scent."

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