Clarins Eau des Jardins (2010): Wear it in Good Health {New Perfume}

As a big fan of Eau Dynamisante (1987) the debut "therapeutic" fragrance by Clarins which started this mainstream concept that you could smell good while taking care of your psyche and skin at the same time, I am rather, a little bit excited by the upcoming Eau des Jardins (Gardens' Water).

They've had other healthy eaux follow up on Eau Dynamisante but none that I thought smelled better. This one seems to offer a galore of essential oils mixed with synthetics still like white musks, but chances look good this time that it will be particularly uplifting...

Eau des Jardins (46,80€) is described as being fresh, sparkling and delicate. Its motto inscribed on the bottle is "Uplifts, Refreshes, Captivates."

The blend contains essential oils of grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, orange, citrus [sic] (I guess you could read it as "secret citrus note(s), top secret ingredient, we can't talk about it, but it's different from the notes mentioned before), blackcurrant absolute, wild rose, mint, laurel leaves, dry cedar wood oil, patchouli, vetiver, and white musks.

The selling point is that Eau des Jardins beautifies the skin as well by hydrating it and giving it a glow thanks to extracts of beech-tree bud, blackcurrant bud and rowan-tree bud.

Available from May 3rd, 2010


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