Jun Takahashi Comme des Garçons Undercover Holygrace and Holygrapie (2010) {New Perfumes}

Grace-0.jpgDesigner and artist Jun Takahashi has collaborated with perfume brand Comme des Garçons to release two new perfumes named after his own fashion label Undercover and inspired by his enigmatic universe, in particular his fantastic plush animals, the Graces.

The fragrances are called Undercover Holygrace and Undercover Holygrapie. The duo symbolizes the relationship of mother Grace and child Grapie...

Takahashi is well-known for his doll-making hobby which allows him to express in a particularly haunting manner his ambition to create a new aesthetic based on the bringing together of "cuteness and terror, ugliness and beauty."

Holygrace "...is along the lines of elegance, soap, freshness and poison (with notes of bergamot, ginger and pepper)"

Its child Holygrapie "...reflects the smell of babies, kindness, sensuality and spice."

The outer packagings bear the slogan "Grace of industry and luster of ashes."

Available at Colette.fr for 78€ each.

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