Hermès' New Print Advertising for Voyage {Perfume Images and Ads}


Above is the latest version of the print advert for Voyage on which Hermès was still recently working to perfect it.

The house's advertising signature, in fact that of Eric Valli, is to create enigmatic, arresting imagery on a naturalistic, abstract background where a sense of the force of the elements is stressed. They are quite spectacular: you can see a man in the middle of the desert, a siren in the middle of the sea, a husky dog by an igloo made out of Hermès scarves...

Two animals are featured this time, a horse and a dove, in full race and flight above between sky and water, evoking freedom. The first one is a reference to the original specialty of Hermès as a saddle-maker (see Rocabar) and the masculine side of the scent while the second is meant to embody the feminine element in the perfume. It is an unisex fragrance.

The new print advertising will accompany the official launch of the latest Hermès scent, Voyage, which is part of their patrimonial perfume collection meant to highlight the scent heritage of the house.

I had no idea how literally it would be the case before I was able to test and preview the new Voyage fragrance which de facto weaves several perfume accords by Hermès in a sort of perfume-gallery-of-ancestors portraits.

Loyal Hermès customers should feel at ease and enjoy dipping their toes again in an universe that they have come to appreciate. After all, those who can afford it are usually serial collectors of Hermès items.

Via press release

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  1. I just returned from Paris and bought the EDT. It's a fresh an marvelous perfume, although it does not tend to linger on for a long time. So you have to re-apply several times during a day. Which I don't mind BTW :-).

    It's a very spring-summerish perfume, easy but deep aswel. Anyway: I love it!


    • Yes, I agree in general if you like and love a perfume, it's not a real problem if the perfume is not very lasting as it's a pleasure to reapply :)

      It's wonderful you found a perfume to love!

      Chant Wagner
  2. Do you know if I can buy a poster... they are so beautiful. I want to put it in a frame.

    • Not to my knowledge. But a magazine advert would give you a smaller version of a poster.

      Chant Wagner

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