Jacomo Art Collection #02, #08, #09 (2010): Anti-Consensual Gourmands {New Perfumes}

Jacomo Parfums, whose last perfume launch was the flanker to the quasi classic Silences (1978), Silences Purple in 2004, has launched a series of three feminine perfumes in February 2010 called Art Collection by Jacomo which includes three scents named #02, #08, #09.

The concept behind the line is twofold: to open up its space like an art gallery would by welcoming visual artists who are asked to illustrate the packagings with their works, as well as to offer what the brand calls "anti-consensual" fragrances...

Interestingly and perhaps counter-intuitively so in this context, Jacomo is proposing three perfumes that seem all to feature an "easy" gourmand or gustatory facet while fulfilling different characteristic aesthetic goals. #09 is said to be the most colorful work, #02 the most tactile one and #08 "the most fascinating of the emotions displayed in this gallery"

When I use the notion of easiness as relating to gourmand notes, I am of course immediately struck by the paradox that precisely because they are seen by many as being "easy", they become difficult to accept by those who seek difficult perfumes. The problem is to see how a concept comes across in the language proper to perfumery and not just as hinted at on paper. So we have to smell in the end.

#09 is illustrated by Stina Person, #02 by Cécilia Carlstedt and #08 by Daniel Egneus. The art work is to be found both on the box as well as on a tracing paper inside the box.

#09 is described as a spicy and fruity woodsy jus, a "joyful and sparkling creation meant for a generous and flamboyant woman who likes to bite into life"

Notes: Top: lemon zest, orange pulp, pink peppercorn; Heart: praline accord, mango; Base: cinnamon, sandalwood, vanilla.

#02, a "leathery gourmand oriental", despite being billed as "anti-consensual" is also described as "reassuring", "regressive"  and "addictive". The perfume rests on a leathery floral accord together with a play-doh one (pâte à modeler) and an eraser one.

Notes: Top: bergamot; Heart: lily, tonka bean; Base: vanilla, suede accord, amber, patchouli.

#08 is a "spicy smoky oriental" inspired by Bengal and Madras and a note of delicious milky Massala tea.

Notes: Top: cardamom, ginger, black tea; Heart: freesia, milky accord, dried fruits; Base: cinnamon, honey, amber.

Each eau de parfum is available in 50 and 100 ml for 54€ and 72€ respectively at Beauty Success, Passion Beauté and a few Sephora.

Via fr.fashionmag.com and jacomo.com

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