Alexander McQueen at Neiman Marcus: Fashion Giggle of the Morning {Fashion Notes}

So this morning I see this link to Alexander McQueen in my newsletter from Neiman Marcus: The Art of Fashion. I click on it, I see the "Mermaid Racerback Tankdress." Then I scroll down to look at other models and I happen on...Spanx. After clicking on it, I marvel at the advertising ingenuity of Spanx who know how to turn a lost battle of the bulge into a triumph of the feminine willpower as I read "Spanx Power Panties." Love the blue, love the attitude....

Then I scroll up to see what else I might have missed and see "Le Mystere Strapless Push Up Bra."??? (these are light bulbs). And then giggles and laughter. Nieman Marcus is telling it like it is: "to complement the look." Translation: if you don't have quite the figure to wear Alexander McQueen Mermaid Racerback Tankdress, Spanx and Le Mystere Strapless Push Up Bra will always be there for you, wink, wink. And no, there are no other dresses.

It's the art of fashion ladies, and you have to suffer not just to be beautiful but to create art by wearing it well.

Neiman Marcus, you are so practical-minded, it's funny.

I've heard that in London all the McQueen fashion was flying off the shelves after his death.

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