A Trip to the Fragrant Castle: Chenonceau {Scented Thoughts}

This is a little zakuski of what's to come on the blog before I have to dash out (and come back.) Yesterday, we had a nearly last-minute inspiration to take a day off and travel to the Loire valley for a well-deserved break.

Chenonceau is Beautiful and Exquisite-Smelling! Not only my eyes but my nose are still ravished. I never suspected the castle with its very strategic placing across the Cher river just lets the perfumes of fragranced flowers that are displayed on purpose within the building bloom and waft around like... suave creeping snakes hissing with soft and heady floral notes...

The whole castle seems to turn into a giant, fresh pomander as the 16th century windows are opened at leisure and the spring air moves freely across the castle which is above the river (I still need to download all my pictures as there has been a little technical hiccup.)

Not only the stellar bouquets, but the people smelled incredibly good, and the air, the garden, the forest (seen above). I'm still over the moon.

My only problem is what to write about first? Lily of the valley perfumes, including Penhaligon's Lily of the Valley and Dior Diorissimo because May 1st is fast approaching? Or Chenonceau, the garden, the castle, the fragrance that was inspired by it -Mythique by Parfums DelRae - and finally the olfactory quest the experience has sent me on for a heady floral note?

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