Berdoues Les Contes Bucoliques Clair de Rose, Brume de Jasmin, Bal des Clochettes (2010) {New Fragrances}

Toulouse-based perfume house Berdoues best known for their violet fragrance (also here) have launched a new collection of fragrances titled Les Contes Bucoliques (Bucolic Tales.) The range comprises Rose, Jasmin and muguet perfumes called Clair de Rose (Roselight), Brume de Jasmin (Jasmine Mist), Bal des Clochettes (The Ball of the Muguet Bells.) The compositions are presented as solar compositions inspired by gardens...

Clair de Rose is a delicate rose perfume resting on a rose-peony-greedy-vanilla accord.

Brume de Jasmin is a green and fruity jasmine which notes of apple, lotus, magnolia and jasmine.

Bal de Clochettes is based on wild lily of the valley with notes of musk, orange blossom and jasmine.

Each 80 ml eau de toilette comes in an old fashioned atomizer bottle and is packaged in a hat box. Price: 44,90€

Available for domestic and international purchases at

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