Harvey Prince & Co. Eau Flirt (2009): Resistance is Futile {New Fragrance}

A-letter-TSS-B.jpgAfter introducing an anti-age perfume called Ageless Fantasy, Harvey Prince & Co followed suit with an Eau Flirt in the fall of 2009 which was launched with the tag line "Eau Flirt is the perfume that flirts for you!" promising that it is "Clinically proven to attract men." I just happened on it and am going back to this advertised effect after having reviewed Like This, Tilda Swinton (2010) which prominently features a pumpkin note and other ingredients and came across to me as a covert man-magnet perfume benefiting from scientific studies which have been popularized by the press...

The two perfumes share a number of common notes and the giveaway ones are besides pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, licorice. Ylang is considered a traditional aphrodisiac. Plus, we're sure they're not telling all. 

Eau Flirt features top notes of pumpkin, blackcurrant, raspberry, plum, apple and licorice. The heart of the fragrance includes jasmine, ylang ylang, nutmeg, cinnamon as well as creamy florals. The base notes rest on musk, amber, vanilla and sandalwood.

"You can hurry love...when you're wearing the right perfume. Eau Flirt® eau de
toilette puts science to the service of romance in a unique elixir containing
ingredients proven to quicken the pulse of potential suitors. So dab it on your
pulse points and let the seduction begin!"

Prices: $98 and $55. Also available in 8 ml roller samples in EDT and EDP for $11 and $21 respectively.

Via harveyprince.com 

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