Hilfiger Woman by Tommy Hilfiger (2010): Inspired by the American Woman {New Fragrance}

Tommy Hilfiger who has helped define the mythical olfactory personality of the American woman with her ascribed taste for clean and sparkling 7-Up notes with a fragrance such as Tommy Girl, is now conspicuously going back to his source of inspiration.

Hilfiger Woman takes on key notions such as "the simplicity of American glamor", "classic-new", the importance of experience over tradition in the American woman's definition of herself, and finally the idea that "she is someone who enjoys being a woman." At a time when 69-year old Raquel Welch is publishing an autobiography entitled Beyond the Cleavage in which she bemoans the loss of feminine identity in America as a result of a simplistic current of feminism content with copying male identity, this perfume is sending off a similar back-to-your-femininity message...

When one sees however how popular is the Mad Men series and how the US First Lady dresses as if the 60s were still around,  it strikes me that we might really be talking about a conservative love-fest.

The fragrance is divided into three different main accords depicting the archetype of the American woman.

The "self-accord" refers to the "fresh" personality of the American woman with notes of pink grapefruit, tangy tangerine, juicy raspberry and Italian bergamot.

The "smart accord" wants to underline the American woman's preference for anything unexpected which here translates as anything foreign apparently, with notes of Egyptian lily, pink Yulan magnolia, and Moroccan jasmine.

The sensual accord is said to be both soothing and casual with notes of creamy vanilla, smooth sandalwood, spicy patchouli and vetiver.

Hilfiger Woman will be available from mid-May exclusively at Douglas in 30 ml and 50 ml Eau de Parfum for 30€ and 49€ respectively.

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