Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto di Calabria (2010) {New Perfume} + Note on Bergaptene

bergamotto-di-calabria.jpgI-Letter-C.jpgIf you are starting to looking forward to wearing lemon-y scents, there is a new fragrance in the family. Acqua di Parma, the brand deservedly famous for its Colonia, released a new perfume in their Blu Mediterraneo line called Bergamotto di Calabria. Bergamot is one of the ingredients that classically make up an eau de Cologne. Calabria is a region reputed to be the best source for bergamot essence...

The perfume has top notes of bergamot and citron, heart notes of red ginger and cedar wood, base notes of vetiver, benzoin and musk.

Commercial bergamot essence since the 1990s undergoes a process of removal of a natural constituant of the essence, Bergaptene, as the latter has been found to be photosensitizing and to provoke cancer. It used to be put to "good" effect in tanning lotions to accelerate tanning but since it's been found to be cancer-inducing Bergaptene is used in labs on cancer research as a mutagenic agent.

So be a safe citrus lover and be careful with your old perfumes and eaux de Cologne which may contain non-debergaptenized bergamot essence.

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