Perle di Bianca Profumo (2009): Inspired by Bianca Cappello {New Perfume} {Celebrity Fragrance}

L-TSS-City.jpgLast fall, a perfume cultural project was born inspired by a tragic love story set in Renaissance Italy, Perle di Bianca (Bianca's pearls). The fragrance aims to capture the personality and destiny of Bianca Cappello (1542-1587), a patrician Venitian woman reputed for her seductive beauty. According to the chronicles, she was poisoned with her husband Francesco I de Medici by her brother-in-law cardinal Ferdinando I de Medici...

The perfume expresses a historically correct fascination for the color white as in Bianca's alabaster complexion and the pearls she wore, both eminent criteria of Renaissance ideals of beauty.

Notes include jasmine, orange blossoms, blackberry, amber, myrrh, musk, iris.


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