Certified Diamond Earrings Giveaway by Kohl's: Just Leave a Comment! {Contests & Giveaways}

K-letter-tss-quaint-B.jpgKohl's is offering a The Scented Salamander / Mimifroufrou.com reader the opportunity to win a pair of certified diamond stud earrings in honor of Mother's Day. Their value is estimated at $1,750.00

"The earrings have a four-prong setting with 14k gold screwback posts. The certification includes an International Gemological Institute certificate of authenticity that verifies clarity, color and carat weight. And they come in a cute white leatherette gift box."....

Kohl's is doing this to call attention to their affordable,"certified diamond earrings and rings, gemstones, pearls and top name brand watches like Citizen and Bulova. Kohl's jewelry department is the place to shop for quality mother's day gifts she'll love, or jewelry gifts for any occasion."

So, just leave a comment until Tuesday May 11th, 2010 for a chance to win this pair of diamond earrings. Tell us for instance: What are some of your favorite dishes? Or what is the favorite dish that your mom cooks or cooked? Or what is your favorite comfort food? Or your favorite dessert?
Food must be the easiest topic in the world and it's like smelling through the mouth, sort of.

The winner will be picked randomly and Kohl's will send him or her the prize.


Disclaimer: this is NOT a paid posting. I accepted this giveaway offer from Kohl's thinking it might interest readers. 

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  1. My mom was not a fabulous cook but she had a few dishes she made that were outstanding: turkey stuffing, Green Bean Empress & Pot Roast.

    To this day, my siblings (there are 5 of us) & I joke around about how we all had to learn how to cook, "or else". Our Mom is a good sport about it and since we all grew up quite healty, I don't think her cooking was as awful as we remember it.

    She doesn't cook much anymore, we take her out to eat or have her over to our house for a meal.

    Shuddering.....I just flashed back to any number of cheese balls, jello with assorted canned fruit or cream cheese or, heaven forbid, meat loaf.

    I love my Mama but I'd much rather watch her draw or paint and let me cook.

    Christine L.
  2. Favorite foods my mom used to make: chicken and dumplings, chili, chocolate dream pie, and chicken and white sauce spaghetti. And sweet cornbread. And cherry winks. And lots of other things...

  3. A favorite dish that my mom makes is this cheesy chicken. It is SO good.

  4. My favorite dish that my mom cooked was cream of wheat. She'd put out all kinds of interesting fixins (parmesean cheese and sugar!) and it was so simple. It's a total comfort food for me.

  5. My mother is one of the best mothers I girl could ever ask for. She has been there for me in the most horrible of times, and I have never fully been able to give back to her. I someday hope to have a real nice job so I can take care of her for once, and take her to dinner. I have a 1 year old little boy that my mother also adores and helps me with daily. I am putting myelf through an online class in hopes that I can someday support my little boy on my own, and then give back to my mother. She deserves a metal for all the wonderful and kinds things she has done for me and others. I don't know anybody more kind and amazing. I don't need to talk about her cooking as a topic to find something good to say about her, although her cooking is amazing as well.

    Ashley Mullins
  6. My alltime favorite meal momma made usually on Sunday afternoon was a crispy, wonderfully seasoned fried chicken with creamy real russet mashed potatoes ,steaming corn on the cob with buttered homemade bisquits and a tall glass of iced tea. And of course for dessert a big slice of warm rhubarb pie, dreamy!! I'm hungry now!!

    Valerie Ashby
  7. Wow! What a great offer! Thanks, Marie-Helene - and Kohl's!

    Best food memory from my mom - Christmas. She's Norwegian, and Christmas always meant a smorgasbord with lots of meats, breads, cheeses, cookies. My favorite - berlinerkranser cookies, and kransekake - a ringed cake made mostly of marzipan. Yum!

  8. My mom taught me to bake and now I am designated baker for all office functions. I love the scent of vanilla and sugar.

  9. My favorite meal that my mom makes has to be her fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy! True comfort food from the south! Maybe not so good for you but it is absolutely delicious!!

    Tina Renee
  10. one of my favorite breakfasts(or snacks) is raisan toast-great comfort food, in winter or summer.I love my mom's chicken soup when I don't feel well-and no one makes a pot roast like she does...

  11. My favorite dish that my mom makes is stir-fried spciy beef, or black pepper beef! Yum!

  12. I don't really normally use food for comfort, since perfume does the trick so much better! But, on rare occasions when I'm feeling really down or sick, I'll get myself some fast food chili with all the extras (except spaghetti - don't like that!). I don't know why, and I definitely don't associate that with my Mom, whose food tastes run to the gourmet and healthful. She's an excellent cook, but not so much into comfort.

  13. My favorite thing to make is picadinho, it's easy and tasty. My kids love my homemade mac & cheese!

    Erica Y
  14. My mom's cooking... she did several dishes that I loved and miss- mine never turn out as well as hers did.

    First, her fried chicken and cream gravy. I have yet to get the coating right, and the gravy depends on those bits of coating left in the skillet. That gravy over rice was sublime.

    Her biscuits- fluffy as a cloud inside, but golden brown on the outside. Mine never get fluffy. And of course her recipe was 'a little of this, a pinch of that', not anything you can quantify exactly.

    And her lumpia, the eggroll of the Philippines. I make lumpia, and they are very good, but somehow, it's never as good as what my mom made. I never can get them fried quite the same as hers...

    Those were her specialties. She never wanted to write down what it was she did or even give specific amounts. It's hard to copy something when you're working without a real recipe, and of course what made it really special is that *she* made it, with the touch only she could have.

    Laurie Brown
  15. Fried potatoes and hotdogs without buns were the most memorable foods routinely prepared by my mother in my youth. Now, I'm more of a sushi gal.

  16. My favourite dish was arroz con leche, still the notes in that desert, cinamon and citrus, are my favourite scentwise. Thank you for hosting this draw :)

  17. My favourite desert that mum used to cook was creme brule, and my favouride dish is sushi

  18. Favorite comfort meal is cream of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. It's always guaranteed to cheer me up. Thanks for the entry into the giveaway!

    Nancy C.
  19. Hi Guys,

    Sorry about the delay in posting your comments. There's been a glitch in the system. I have gone back to try to publish them all, but there's also been an invasion of spam so I might have missed you. Please don't hesitate to post your comment once more if you don't see you entry!

    Added: Just read your comments -- you're making me hungry!

  20. My favorite comfort food is Chicken Casserole the way my mom made it :)

    Sarah Pacilio
  21. I am adding the comments from Beauty & The Salamander:

    my favorite thing my Mum makes is Wiener Schnitzel and warm potato salad

    Posted by: Shelly | May 7, 2010

    Wow! Those earrings are beautiful!

    As for food, my all-time favorite comfort food is maccaroni and cheese. My mom used to make a great one when I was growing up, but the two of us recently discovered Martha Stewart's 5-cheese version that's to die for!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!!! :)

    Posted by: Katy M | May 7, 2010

    My mother used to make the best mississippi mud cake ever. Unfortunately, she went to be with the Lord on April 29th this year. Her liver shut down and we were there with her til she took her last breath. This is going to be a very difficult mothers day for me and winning the earrings would be a nice comfort in this diifficult time. Thanks so much

    Posted by: lisa steward | May 8, 2010

    I love my moms shepherd's pie ! yum!

    Posted by: ashley | May 8, 2010

    Hi Marie,

    My favorite beauty product is high PPD sunscreen (PPD is the measure of UVA protection, UVA being the primary rays that cause aging and sun damage). La Roche-Posay Anthelios SX SPF 15 is light, doesn't leave a white cast and has a CIBA estimated PPD of about 10.7 (one of the highest on the market currently).

    The other two products I can't live without are Mario Badescu's glycolic cleanser and Japanese brand Dariya facial cream. Neither are particularly glamorous but they get the job done. :D

    Posted by: Sophie | May 11, 2010


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