Perfumer Véronique Nyberg Talks about the Ropes of Fragrance-Making {Fragrant Reading}

The Hindu interviews perfumer Véronique Nyberg of IFF about the creative process in perfumery. The nose created most recently Trésor in Love (with Dominique Ropion) (2010), Amor Amor Delight (2010) (with Carlos Benaïm and Anne Flipo), Moschino Glamour (2008)...


"How do you create many fragrances without duplications?

The key is to have strong initial ideas. When you have a very specific, creative accord in the heart of a fragrance, you cannot duplicate yourself. The stronger the idea, the smaller the risk.

Is there fashion in fragrances and how is it created?

Yes! The trends we see in fashion, design... are linked to socio-cultural trends, to the era you live in... In the fragrance world, it works the same way. In this field, the perfumers are the "designers" of scents. They are the ones that will translate the socio-cultural trends into fragrance. For example, in the 1990s, fragrances were transparent. People were searching for a new harmony, a new balance in life. Since 2000, we are getting back to more textured fragrances,... There has been a change in society and a "reversion" of trend..."

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