Pine-Sol is Given the Royal Perfume Treatment {Fragrance Images & Ads}

If fine perfumery is more and more open to welcoming detergent notes and in particular really soapy clean white musk notes in their perfumes, the fragrance toiletry branch of the industry is also blurring the limits with more and more fantasy names given their laundry detergent blends, sophisticated accords, and advertising campaigns that borrow from the codes of seduction usually reserved for fine perfumes...

Here is an example of how Pine-Sol uses the imagery of fine perfume advertising to offer a parody of both types of advertisements. The Character played by Diane Amos, the spokesperson for the brand for 16 years, finally gets the dose of glamor and seduction she was craving unconsciously. The ad dubbed "the visitor ad" starts like a scene in To Catch a Thief and ends like one set in American Beauty.

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