By Kilian Love & Tears, Surrender (2010): A Love Story Told Absolutely with Jasmine {New Fragrance}

ByKilian-Love-Tears-B.jpgFrom September 2010 By Kilian will release a new unisex jasmine composition called Love and Tears, Surrender about which founder Kilian Hennessy said "Love and Tears, Surrender is the last chapter of my "Love" theme and my most personal scent."

The previous fragrances in the Love collection includes Prelude to Love, Invitation; Love, Don't be Shy; Beyond Love, Prohibited. Kilian Hennessy said,

"Only the Jasmine flower, with its endless spectrum of facets - citrus, green, floral and animalistic - was able to express the profusion of emotions that I wanted to communicate with this scent: the beginning of love marked with excitement, the fear of the unknown and, ultimately, the surrender to love!"....

The fragrance is described as a jasmine soliflore resting exclusively on the use of  jasmine absolute from India which reveals strong undertones of orange blossom.

Kilian Hennessy wanted more particularly to dramatize the sacred and erotic aspects of jasmine without wanting the perfume to feel too composed or adorned.

The "sacred facet" rests upon notes bergamot from Italy, petit grain from Paraguay, and cypress from France.

The "erotic facet" is based on jasmine from India, orange blossom from Spain, ylang ylang from Madagascar and ciste from France.

Love and Tears, Surrender will launch from September 2010. Prices range from $70 to $225. A scented candle is also available for $85.

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