Caswell-Massey Casma (1922 / 2010): Back by Popular Demand {New Perfume}

An old favorite and best-seller is back, for the second time in recent times, Casma. It had been reintroduced in 2001 and discontinued again. It was initially issued during the Roaring Twenties in 1922 by the very historic American perfume and toiletries house of Caswell-Massey Est. 1752, the oldest American perfumery still in existence. They were the purveyors of George Washington's (and Lafayette's) own cologne Number Six, no less.

"We are happy to announce that "Casma" is back!

You spoke and we listened. Thanks to many of you who contacted us over the years regarding this lovely fragrance, we are proud to re-introduce one of your favorites...

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I have seen a 1913 source citing a Casma perfume by Caswell - Massey but it might just have been that they recycled the name later on. The 1922 composition is said to be the first American aldehydic perfume and to have been the signature scent of actress Carole Lombard.

"Born in 1922, an age when fabulous flappers dared to show their knees and New York jazz was in full swing, Casma is a sophisticated scent that captures the spirit of the Roaring Twenties.

The perfect fragrance for day or night, Casma is a gorgeous blend of creamy rose, jasmine and magnolia petals touched with vanilla and silken musk undertones. The result is magical, like decadence rolling off black velvet. Can you say daring, yet decidedly feminine? "

"Top notes are creamy rose, jasmine, magnolia petals, ginger, and mandarin, accented with bergamot, green leaves and sun-kissed plum.

The rich floral heart blends nuances of rose, jasmine, magnolia petals, and sensual ylang ylang. It has the slightest hints of saffron and amber.

The bottom note is sensual and warm with amber, patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, silken musk and a subtle hint of vanilla."

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