French Perfumers Deliver New Official Classification of Fragrances {Fragrant Readings}

Perfumers of the Commission Technique of the Société Française des Parfumeurs (SFP) have released a new updated official classification of perfumes which includes what the committee have outlined as the most important perfumes they could track and select since 1782 and until 2008...

Overtime and since the first 1984 edition of this study, the selection of more ancient perfumes has had to be updated in light of new launches and by being faced with their sheer number. Criteria for selection are based on both the technical qualities of the fragrances and the notoriety that the perfumes have gained after their launches which makes it an interesting hybrid classification taking into account not only purportedly objective criteria but the more intangible mix which enables some fragrances to become popular and defining. The Technical Committee thus declares itself being ready to be faced with the judgment of the public and time.

The document, which presents itself as a binder, can be updated each year via the Osmothèque website. It is entitled in French "Classification Officielle des Parfums - et Terminologie."

Despite the technical aspect of the document, it is not just meant to be used by professionals but also aims the wider public interested in perfumes.

The binder is priced at 20 € + 5 € for shipping.

More information at +33-1 39 55 46 99

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