Insects' Responses to Olfactory Chemical Messages Key to the Future of Crops, Health & Sex {The 5th Sense in the News}

A team of Welsh researchers are studying the behavior of insects, right now focusing on the responses of their antennas to smells, to possibly design optimal olfactory chemical messages for mankind in the future.

"The team of scientists from Cardiff University hope that by understanding the way insects respond to scents, they will be able to manufacture far more sophisticated smells and scents. It is hoped the result could also help protect crops from disease and even help make life-saving anti-cancer drugs."... "Lead researcher, Professor Rudolf Allemann, from the university's school of chemistry, said his team aims to enhance the structural characteristics of scent molecules, to produce improved versions that are stronger and last longer. [...]

If applied to perfume, he said, the research could potentially make scents that last all day and individuals more attractive to the opposite sex.

"Insects, animals and humans use chemical signals such as sweat and pheromones as a sex attractant," he said.

"Some studies show that sweatier people are more attractive to the opposite sex."

Read more in Wales Online....

Photo: Darrell Godliman



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